NBA 2K16’s Livin’ Da Dream

NBA 2K16’s Livin’ Da Dream

2k16Check out Kiel’s mentor, legendary filmmaker Spike Lee’s first foray into video games, NBA 2K16’s Livin’ Da Dream!!! Kiel co-wrote the film with Spike, Barry Michael Cooper, Alrick Brown and Julius Pryor IV.

SYNOPSIS: Follow overall Number 1 Draft Pick Frequency Vibrations as he braves the peaks and valleys of his highly anticipated NBA Rookie Campaign.


Director: Spike Lee
Starring: Sarunas J. Jackson, Michelle Mitchenor, Wade F. Wilson, Anya Engel-Adams, Arthur Richardson, Gina Breedlove
Writers: Spike Lee, Kiel Adrian Scott, Barry Michael Cooper, Alrick Brown, Julius Pryor IV, Sean Michael Sullivan
Producer: Spike Lee
Director of Photography: Cliff Charles, Kerwin DeVonish
Composer: Bruce Hornsby
Editor: Hye Mee Na


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