Filmmaker Kiel Adrian Scott Supports Mentor Spike Lee’s Kickstarter


CLICK HERE to see award winning writer-director Kiel Adrian Scott show his support for mentor Spike Lee in his Kickstarter Video for Da Sweet Blood of Jesus! Human beings who are addicted to Blood. Funny, Sexy and Bloody. A new kind of love story (and not a remake of “Blacula”).!!!

Read the FULL TRANSCRIPT of Kiel’s testimonial below:

KIEL ADRIAN SCOTT: Hello my name is Kiel Adrian Scott. I’m a New York and New Orleans filmmaker and I’m one of Spike’s former NYU graduate film students. I wanted to make a video just to talk a little about my experiences with spike at NYU. Obviously many of us know his films and the prelim arguments that they often ignite, but very few people get the opportunity to kind of have one on one interaction and experiences with Spike so I just want to speak into that a little bit.

At my second year at NYU, Spike approached me and asked me if I want to be his teaching assistant. As a result of that experience I got to see first hand really the constitution of his character. You know, there were countless instances where I got to witness the act of kindness that Spike demonstrates not only towards his students but just towards every day people in his common interactions. Honestly, if it weren’t for the privacy of the beneficiaries of that kindness, I would go into tons of detail about the things that I’ve witnessed, but I think I’m just going to concentrate a little bit on what he does with his students. That’s really what I got to see the most. Often you have professors who have, you know, profound insights about your particular craft, but it is rare to encounter a professor that has the breadth of insight and breadth of experience that Spike does. In addition to the fact that he is so willing to share, first off he is accessible, and he is so willing to share not only his resources, but his money and his time. A lot of people don’t realize that Spike reads 10-15 student screenplays every single week during the school year so that he could meet with students on a one on one basis. Literally to discuss the creative realities of their film, to talk to them about directorial approaches and even often times to talk to them about how they’re gonna get their projects financed, which is obviously a major problem for all filmmakers, all artist I guess in a sense would have to face. Spike gives hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money out of his own pocket so that students like myself and many of my peers have not only, you know, the support that he offers in terms of, you know, him backing us with his name, but also the financial support so that we can actually create the projects that we want to create. Not necessarily have to compromise.

Every time Spike makes a film, another thing that people don’t realize is that he always has interns on the film and these are his students. Sometimes they are NYU students sometimes they are students, you know, frankly in life that he encounters in his travels that will express to him that they have an interest in filmmaking and because of the type of person that he is, he will give them the opportunity to basically be a paid intern. He is paying you literally to learn. To do things like shoot second unit footage on one of his films. To go out with his actors and to actually talk to them about a scene. Spike is the type of guy to let you to sit at the monitor with him while he is directing OLDBOY and to talk to you about your opinion of the scene. When you hesitate, you know, this is a personal experience, when you hesitate to offer that opinion he looks at you and tells you that he trusts you. It’s those kind of small incremental moments and experiences that I had with Spike and that I’ve observed of him with me and my peers that have really given me frankly the confidence and the ammunition to be able to go out and to, you know, face the film world, to try this crazy thing. Which IS crazy. If you never tried it, trust me, it’s crazy.

As a result of his contributions, you know, I’ve been blessed to have films go on to win major film festivals, to air on HBO, and to play on Academy Film Festival. You have to understand that when you give to this campaign, you aren’t giving just to see another Spike Lee Joint, though frankly that is enough. You are also making sure that another young and developing filmmaker like myself is going to have an opportunity to be on that set, to be in Spike’s office while he is writing and developing scripts, to be with him in the editing room while he is cutting these things, to be with him while he is in negotiations with actors and talking about character work. You are providing another young and developing filmmaker, many of them frankly, that opportunity because every time he makes a film, he takes people with him, so that is why I ultimately will always support Spike and his work and certainly felt that it is really important support him in his Kickstarter.

So if there is anything that you can give, anything that you can contribute, whether it is a dollar, literally whether it’s a dollar or a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars. Whatever you can give to make sure that this Great American Filmmaker continues to be able to tell the poignant personal stories that he feels are important, not just the Hollywood Blockbusters or the tent pole movies but the personal stories that often affect us the most. If you want to make sure that THAT continues to happen, we have to continue to support filmmakers and we have to continue to support Spike Lee. Thank You.